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132 ETH raised so far

What is ufoodo?

A crypto currency with an actual usage in real economy
With the help of the Blockchain Technology and the therefore created payment method, the ufoodo Token (UFT), ufoodo creates a decentralized ecosystem which should equally serve the clients, restaurants and couriers.

The platform directly connects clients, restaurants and a courier pool and allows to interact between the different parties. As a result of eliminating the middleman, ufoodo is able to provide the delivery of qualitative food from the favorite restaurants of the clients, whereas the profit stays where it has been created.
A company ruled and run by community.

Immense potential

Today’s popular on-demand food delivery services firstly appeared in 2013 and enjoyed a hyper-growth since then. By targeting the rising food delivery market ufoodo has the enormous potential of being used on weekly or even daily base by thousands of people worldwide, surpassing the dominating purely speculative role of common crypto currencies by integrating the ufoodo token into people’s everyday life.

Problems of today’s services

Despite of the boom of the new (on-demand) delivery services they get in public critique. A lot of restaurants fight with high commissions (about 20-30%) and the couriers complain about exploitative working conditions and bad salary. Despite of their rapid expansion the established players limit their growth on the largest cities, excluding wider parts of potential customers.

Ufoodo Ecosystem

Take part: recruit restaurants and deliverers, open a new delivery area and earn money

In the order and delivery process a direct peer-to- peer connection of all participated instances with a safe payment transaction and delivery handout will be established. The part of an expensive agent is unnecessary. The participants in this process (restaurants, couriers and clients) are our focus and are value creators and earning contributors.

With the concept of Digital Decentral Franchise users can develop new delivery areas by their own, by recruiting restaurants and couriers and cover local administrative tasks. The recruiting and franchise contracts periodically distribute recruiting commissions and rewards for administrative tasks. So, with minimal effort a global decentralized growth can be enabled.

Every user, courier and restaurant owner can participate in the global board and in the delivery area specific local board. In these boards policy, features and projects are discussed and elected. Each board decides over a budget pool, which depends on their local area revenues. In the interest of all groups, the area specific delivery costs, wages, and the distribution of the budget pool to submitted projects are elected democratically.

In a project oriented open source development, users can push new developments and can submit a project proposal on the local or global level. The respective board can vote for marketing campaigns, new features, etc. and can allocate a corresponding budget.

Seed Token Sale

Payment methods


Soft Cap 200 ETH
Hard Cap 3,500 ETH
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 12,500 UFT
Token Name ufoodo token (UFT)
Token Standard ERC20 / ERC223
Total Supply 100,000,000
Pre-Sale Bonus 0 - 40%
Start Apr-01-2018 at 14:00h UTC
End May-31-2018 at 14:00h UTC

*Specifications may be modified in case of changing exchange rates (underlying rate: 750 USD/ETH)

Seed Sale

We will split the total token supply into two parts. 20% will be distributed in seed phase and 80% will be frozen for a future Token Sale. From each part 55% are going to be sold. The Seed Sale is limited by a hard cap of 3,500 ETH, a soft cap of 200 ETH and includes the already raised funds in Private Sale (about 134 ETH) . As planned the ufoodo team will focus on product and business development till Q4 2018. With a stronger team, marketing activities and finished product the official Token Sale (DAICO) for the remaining 44% of total token supply will be executed in Q4 2018.

Bounty Campaign

Ufoodo’s bounty program is designed to spread the word about our goals and development progress with the help of the community. A bounty program participant is welcomed to write or share posts about ufoodo.
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Seed Sale - Token Allocation

  • 55% Token (Pre-) Sale
  • 20% Reserve Fund
  • 20% Team, Advisors and Bounty
  • 5% Private Sale


Food Delivery Market

Ufoodo Team Members

The driving force behind ufoodo - An innovating team combining various skills and competences to achieve lasting role in crypto cosmos.

Lukasz Kowejsza

Co-Founder | Business Development

With Lukasz’s perspicacious and visionary way of thinkinging he is the head of business development and responsible for strategic orientation. Master student of Engineering with economic focus.

Franco Leggio

Co-Founder | Technical Manager

As a full-stack developer and crypto enthusiast since 2013 Franco is the head behind the technical development. With his fast thinking mind, he is able to quickly grasp and solve new challenges. Electrical Engineering Student.

Shin Kim

Mathematical Development

By achieving two bachelor degree’s in Mathematics and Physics and currently master student in Mathematical Physics, Shin is ufoodo’s math whizz. He develops the mathematical based algorithms for the uChain protocols.

Sarah Claus

Marketing and Communications

With experience in value added services and channel marketing Sarah is an expert in working out the key messages and optimize ufoodo’s communication strategy.

Artem Sacharov


With 3 years of experience working for auditing firms Artem is responsible for financial consolidation and advisor for fiscal conceptual matters.

Michael Rolnik

Project Manager

With the help of Michael’s coordination skills, he tracks, keeps the overview and coordinates our agile project processing.

Gabriel Vegas

Project Manager

Gabriel brings extensive expertise in organisational design and consultancy supporting ufoodo in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Business Development.

Michael Sprick


With his journalistic experience Michael is responsible for ufoodo’s PR activties.

Ufoodo Advisors

Prof. Dr. Marco Motullo

Professor of Digital Marketing and Management at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Marco is an experienced digital marketing professional, advising in defining and executing digital business models and marketing concepts.

Prof. Dr. Harald Meisner

Professor of Banking and Finance at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln. Since 2004 his focus of research is located in Finance in the internet economy.